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Would you like me to start writing short stories about a 'Criminal that cannot ever be successfully arrested'? 

8 deviants said You're the author; you decide.
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Christian England
Artist | Professional | Literature
United Kingdom
I'm a Receptionist for a Supported Employment group, a self-published author, and I have Asperger's Syndrome.

I live in Peterborough in the UK, in a modest three floor house, and I am a keen story writer in my time.

Unfortunately, my drawing skills are not so good, I cannot create my own great works like many others, without working from (dare I say it) Copyrighted material (Shamefully).
That's why most of my work is either flash or literature.

Current Residence: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, Favourite genre of music: Various, Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate, Favourite cartoon character: Chris Thorndyke, Personal Quote: If you want a better gallery, there's nothing like a Rapier.

My IQ:
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My DeviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 8:39 AM

I'd never even heard of DeviantArt before I decided to join in the fun.  I wasn't skilled in art, and could only draw basic shapes, which is what most of my original artwork is centred around.  The majority of my submissions are either literature or flash.

Here are some example of work which i am really proud of:

1) The Incredible Hulk Nightmare The Incredible Hulk Nightmare (Updated 18/02/2014)
The Incredible Hulk Nightmare.
My name is Chris Harvey, I'm 13 years old.  I live in Peterborough with my single father Christian, and I am diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.  As with many children like me, I had my dreams.  Most of my dreams were good, but of course, there were the occasional bad ones too...particularly in the night.  You know that feeling when your mortal body falls asleep, but your mind is still wide awake?  Doesn't everybody sometimes wish that they could enter their own little dream world and never come back?  I suppose though, it depends on what kind of world you are thinking of.  In this case however, the dream world I was going to imagine, wasn't to be a good one.
~ ~ ~
Anyway.  There I was, snuggled up under the covers one Saturday at midnight.  The sky was pitch black, the moon was high, and there were no clouds.  I was dressed in my night garments under the covers, which consisted of a cotton red long-s

I have always been a fan of the Incredible Hulk, and have always loved the moments when Bruce Banner transform into the incredible hulk, and we see his clothes being destroyed in the process.  So I decided that I would try writing my own variation on it.

2) Optical Illusions design 1
 Optical Illusions design 1 by RapierMedia
When I first started on DeviantArt, I didn't have much to write home about, I started with what I thought were optical illusion designs, albeit basic, and then I tried a couple of flash animated types to see if could improve on them.

3) Anglia ITV fan made endboard
 Anglia ITV fan made endboard by RapierMedia
As a proud Brit, one thing I'm commonly associated with is the ITV Television network.  When I was a young child we had regional ITV stations, and this was mine.  But although regional broadcasting has long gone, I thought it worthy of a nostalgic attempt to recreate some of the regional endboards.

4) Super Nintendo Logo Animation
 Super Nintendo Logo Animation by RapierMedia
Like I said, I could only work pictures with basic shapes.
But in my years, I also gained some experience with an Animation software program called BluffTitler DX9.
This is one of many animation i have which was made with the software, and as an Avid Video Gamer since the tender age of 4, I thought that this one was worthy of a feature, as it was the very first games console i ever played in my life.

5) Taser Laser (Concept)
Taser Laser (Concept)
It’s the year 2200.  Most of the world has been overtaken by the technological age, though many intelligent human beings live peacefully on earth.  15 year old Jason Terrell is an orphaned schoolboy, but despite his obvious intelligence and charm, his red eyes made him off-putting.
One afternoon when walking back home from school, he becomes a victim of a very nasty hover-car crash.  Jason survives the crash, but his arms are mangled and must be amputated.
However, instead of just leaving the arms as they are, they are replaced with mechanical arms which the hospital orders from the military.  Following a quick healing, thanks to Jason's rare blood type, Terrell was subjected to robotic surgery, where the mechanical arms were installed to replace his formerly paralysed arms.  They also managed to save enough of his nervous system to attach to his new arms, so that he could move them as he would fleshy arms.
Following surgical operations, and after making

I quite enjoy writing stories in my spare time.  I have been doing so for ten years.  Taser Laser is an idea for one of my potential novels, which tells the story of a boy who has been made to fight a race of aliens against his will.

6) BBC Turnabout Sphere Board - Remake
BBC Turnabout Sphere Board - Remake by RapierMedia
I like watching Game Shows on TV, and this is artwork is a remake of the game board from one of my most favourite Game Shows of all time.  Turnabout.

7) Endless Nightmares, finalised book cover
Endless Nightmares, finalised book cover by RapierMedia
In the Autumn of 2013, I managed to get my very first book published in the UK, thanks to a self-publishing firm in Surrey called Grosvenor House Publishing.  This is the cover art which I am very proud of.  The book is available on Amazon, and is also available for wide variety of Ereader brands around the world.  And it's thanks to DeviantArt that I was able to get some publicity for it.

Skin by DarkDragon-Phoenix


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Concept by AmazingMallard

I haven't played much of TY the Tasmanian Tiger, but he is one fantastic character. I've played the original game on the Gamecube, and ...

PentaWolf Transformation Commission by hamstertoybox

Looking at this, I've seen such a realistic and well presented mid-transformation image. Werewolf transformation images are something I...


Custom Pokemon Trading Cards
Pokemon blank card templates by RapierMedia
Here is a chance for you to have your own Pokémon cards made for you.

You will need to provide me the following details:


:bulletblack: Picture and name [Send link for picture]
:bulletblack: Type
:bulletblack: HP [30 - 130]
:bulletblack: Height and Weight
:bulletblack: Short Description
:bulletblack: First Attack


:bulletblack: Second attack or Special Ability
:bulletblack: Weakness
:bulletblack: Resistance
:bulletblack: Retreat cost [max 3]
:bulletblack: Attack conditions

These will only be for basic Pokémon, not evolve forms.
ITV production boards
Level Infinitum ITV Production Card by RapierMedia
Central fan made ITV by RapierMedia
London Weekend fan made ITV by RapierMedia
Anglia ITV fan made endboard by RapierMedia
Tyne tees fan made ITV by RapierMedia
Southern fan made ITV by RapierMedia
Simply choose whichever type of logo you would like, and I'll take care of the rest.
Just take a look at these examples above.
The Dressing Room Machine
Imagine if you had a futuristic wardrobe which you can walk into, and it can dress you into whichever clothes you choose from your computer inside it?  This is your opportunity to try it for yourself.

I can write a short story for you unto which you can get yourself dressed into whichever clothes you would like to wear.  You can decide whether you change:

:bulletblack: From one outfit to another:

:bulletred: Top(s):
:bulletyellow: Bottoms:
:bulletgreen: Feet:
:bulletblue: Anything else?:

:bulletblack: From coming out of the shower:

:bulletorange: Which colour towel?:

:bulletblack: From getting out of bed:

:bulletpurple: What colour pyjamas:

Then you must let me know what you want the machine to put on you:

:bulletred: Top(s):
:bulletyellow: Bottoms:
:bulletgreen: Feet:
:bulletblue: Anything else?:
Short story commissions
I will do short story commissions for anyone who would like to participate.  I am willing to do most kinds of short stories, including transformations into numerous animals and creatures (Including Werewolves, Dragons and Hulks).
I shall not do transgender transformations, nudity, or expletives to name a few.
If you would like to nominate yourself for a commission, please click the link and tell me the following:

* What is your character's name?
* What does your character look like?
* What is your character wearing?
* Does your character transform?  If yes, 1) What does your character transform into?, 2) What is the cause of your character's transformation?

Please click the icon if you would like to participate, and i shall respond to you as to whether I will accept your commission or not.


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